- estimation of time and cost of development
- design and implementation user interface
- SQLite database support
- SOAP and RESTful web-services support
- serialize application data to XML/JSON
- push notifications support
- bar code scanning support
- send application data to printer
- serialize application data to iClode storage
- integrate Box2d physics engine to iOS application
- implement iOS games with cocos2d graphics engine
- help in publishing of iOS product to AppStore

Applications in AppStore

Stones Explode is universal iOS game. Merge stones to make new kind of stone. Watch out for blocks at bottom, bomb them. Collect stars to unlock next location.
TechnoSnake is 2D game for iPad. Robot-harvester moves over the surface of the planet and collects asteroids flying over. Control the robot to avoid collisions with obstacles and carriages. Collect the definite types of asteroids to pass the level. Collect energy balls to replenish the robot with energy. In case there’s not enough energy for the robot, it starts to detach the last carriage. If there’s too much energy, one of the energy carriages will explode.
NotesReader is iPad/iPhone application provides music theory for piano by Bernachon method, reading of key notes F and simultaneous ground with increasing difficulty. By using this application pianists are studying to read notes.

ReconPro iOS client, it created for automotive services and allows professionals to create paperless Inspections, WorkOrders, Invoices and Service Requests.

Implemented SOAP web-services to transfer data between iOS client and back office, user interface to display and control of application data, preparing and sending inspections and invoices data to Air and Brother PJ-763 printers, scanning bar codes with native bar code scanner and LineaPro scanner, integrated SOTI MobiControl SDK to remote control of ReconPro iOS client, used SQLite database to store created entities.
I am registered Apple developer
with iOS Developer Standard Program Certificate